Shift: Journal of Alternatives - Alternative Music
Spring 2002 (images are links)

Against All Authority: Political music with strong radical message.

Powerful political music fueled by the lack of democracy in the United States. Antiflag voices their frustration toward the power of capitalist empire and its current state of world domination.

Aphex Twin has used electronic method of making music with a very eerie feel has gathered a large following.

German hip-hop with a political twist brings a confidant and called for disrespect toward whatever he sees fit.

A mixture of French English and German combined with a strong political and social message produce a profound lyrical and rhythmical doorway.

With a melodic and upbeat sound Manu Chau delivers an original and classic flavor of guitar and vocals with a creative placement of voice samples.

Unique materials on music, dance, religion and culture of West Africa, along with related graphics, sound, and videos presented by the great African musician C.K. Ladzekpo.

Shift: Journal of Alternatives

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Alternative Music: Offbeat, political, exotic, world & global, 3rd world folk and fading melodies.