Mildly Paradoxical

eggAt some point, we’re going to start monkeying with our own evolution.  I mean consciously.  Clearly we’ve been playing with our evolution, unconsciously, from the start.

One premise of my work is that we in the West have created an arbitrary division between our unconscious and conscious mind, no doubt born from the evil/good split we’ve carried for a few thousand years that is part of the whole human/gods split.

I suspect this is a direct result of most of us having the modern split brain, two hemispheres with language functions tending to congregate in the left hemisphere, with the other hemisphere slightly diminished in size accompanied by the reduced corpus callosum inhibiting hemispheric communication.

With the return of the old, nonsplit brain and the re-emergence of matrifocal social structure, surges in autism and males featuring maturational delay and females featuring maturational acceleration, there is also a return of nondifferentiated consciousness points of view.  It would be useful if the differentiated consciousness characteristic of modern humans and nondifferentiated consciousness featured by the matrifocals appearing in our midst could achieve a synthesis and provide some perspective on nondifferentiated consciousness.

To achieve nondifferentiated consciousness and not be aware that you know that you have achieved nondifferentiated consciousness may be a form of enlightenment, but it is not particularly useful.

In this context, “useful” is difficult to define.  Presupposing there is no division between unconscious and conscious, one would have to have some inkling of what designs the unconscious has.  Which brings us back to evolution.

On occasion, I play with the idea that evolution is profoundly deliberate on all scales–biological, societal, ontological, personal–with the idea of play most informing how things change over time.  If at least some of the ideas I’ve been playing with in this work are more or less useful, and I estimate that the ideas came from my undifferentiated unconscious/conscious, and I hypothesize that my undifferentiated unconscious/conscious is directly connected/related to the undifferentiated unconscious/conscious characteristic of the whole, then I would conclude that our conscious minds can join in on the adjustment of our evolution.

I’m not exactly sure how useful that would be.  I’m not real trusting of conscious minds to make informed decisions on how to evolve.  But if I’m to be true to the premise of this piece, any conscious choice is also an unconscious choice.

How would we deliberately, consciously play with our own evolution?

Be aware of what we are unconsciously doing now.

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