A Disturbance in the Family

Who are they? Where did they come from? Where did they go? Was there something not quite right about that level of involvement of siblings with each other’s lives? Did they find whatever it was that they were looking for? Do they drink? Where do they worship? Some mysteries are perhaps better left unsolved.

The Deranged Cousins, by Edward Gorey. Music by Erik SatiePiéces Froides.

Psycho Killer, performed by The Kransky Sisters, written by David Byrne, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth of the Talking Heads.

About Edward Gorey

He “found almost everything about human nature absurd. Politics, sports, trends and fads. International news. He was a born isolato…”
– Alexander Theroux, a friend of Gorey’s

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[includes a quote from Alexander Theroux about Edward Gorey]

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The Edward Gorey documentary

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[a book about Gorey written by a friend]

About Erik Satie

“Whatever was orthodox, Satie hated … his chamber pieces were designed to make the chamber uncomfortable.”
-Clive James

Fitzgerald, Michael (2005) The genesis of artistic creativity: Asperger’s syndrome and the arts.Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
[includes a chapter about Erik Satie]

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[Satie mentioned]

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[includes a chapter about Erik Satie]

About David Byrne

“I was a peculiar young man — borderline Asperger’s, I would guess.”

Purcell, Andrew (2007) Imelda: the nightclub years. Guardian. January 29 2007.

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Memorable fictional characters portraying autistic traits or themes

Lili Marlene blogs at Incorrect Pleasures, where A Disturbance in the Family was posted this past Saturday, November 27th.  It appears here with her permission.

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