The “Correctness” of Extroversion

Extroverts frequently hold their way to be the “correct” way as their defining traits are considered desirable in Western society.  However, this is an ad populum mindset.  Their ways are desirable, not because they are right, but only because more people observe them.

Any group in the process of selecting desirable characteristics also implicitly excludes.  Thus, one could imagine a system in which typical traits of those classified as introverts were held as highest virtue.  In such a state, the most effusive of individuals would find themselves dismissed as unprofessional loudmouths and as shameless sycophants.

The introverted philosophy is “incorrect” only insofar as it is selected against by a tyrannical majority.  The extrovert reign enjoys no more legitimacy than any other regime imposed by sheer inertia of popular acceptance.

Zygmunt blogs on matters of introversion at Kingdom of Introversion.  The ”Correctness” of Extroversion appears here by permission.

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