Introverts and Travel

Since introverts carry the most important things within, they can thrive almost anywhere under any circumstances.  They are consumate wanderers. Only one who is self-defined can move unscathed from land to land.
Introverts love to explore on their own (probably why I love Morrowind so much).  Anonymously wandering through a foreign locale is a mouth watering feast.

Within a few days, an extrovert already is getting homesick. They miss pizza and cheeseburgers, they’re sick and tired of going through the motions of taking pictures of old buildings and paintings they couldn’t care less about.  Yet they still go through the motions because they scramble to fulfill expectations from back home even when in a foreign land.

Travel is liberation for an introvert.  One set of conventions can be traded away for another that is more suitable to the needs of the moment.

There can be no homesickness:

An introvert does not truly have a home country.  Wherever they grew up, they have always been treated as a foreigner.

When an introvert changes location to a foreign land, it is immensely refreshing.  There is no longer that constant need to pretend to be a member of society.
Every society has its oppressive conventions but while traveling, an introvert can live in a free zone.  People generally expect unorthodox behaviors from foreigners!  An introvert thus has a license to be while abroad.

All the things that extroverts can’t stand:
-Different food
-Different culture
-A different history

Are candy for the introvert.
Seeing exactly what is the same and what is different from place to place fosters a truer understanding of what it means to be human.

The greatest glory of being an introvert traveler:

Seeing humanity in a larger context allows a liberation of mind and soul:

One sees how the society that has told them through all of life that they are Incorrect is no great authority but a common tiny despotism just like any other on this planet.  There is nothing special about nor does it have any legitimacy.  It is ‘might makes right’ and nothing more.

This knowledge absolves the introvert traveler of being a sin and of any lingering loyalties to the oppressive conventions they were raised with.

Zygmunt blogs on matters of introversion at Kingdom of Introversion.

Introverts and Travel appears here by permission.

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