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via Steve Silberman on Twitter:

•  I have signed with Avery, a Penguin imprint, to publish a book on autism and neurodiversity in 2013. See y’all on tour!

•  Seth Mnoonkin retweeted: The incredible @stevesilberman just signed deal for book on autism & neurodiversity. Prediction: it will rock. (His blog

•  hectocotyli retweeted: Indeed. RT @hectocotyli What’s with all the gay/straight BS in evo-psych? The binary fallacy of evolutionary sexual preference []

•  Washington Post Runs Bigoted, Demonizing Story About the “Dark Side of Autism”

•  7 Must-Read Books About Music, Emotion & the Brain

•  Fact-checking Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

Shift Journal a Year Ago:

•  Laurence Arnold:  Rainbows End (a landscape model of autism)

•  Andrew Lehman: Autism and Evolution

•  Kia Williams:  I Am ——— . . . Who Are You?

•  Laurence Arnold:  A Tale of Two Rivers

•  Mark Stairwalt:  Virgil Caine’s Autism

Elsewhere on the Web:

•  Jon Brock:  How do siblings influence theory of mind development in children with autism?

•  Existence is Wonderful: Conceptualizing Autism

Michelle Dawson retweeted by Jon Brock: Asperger’s comedy troupe: “They believe Asperger’s is a help, not a hindrance, when it comes to writing jokes”

•  Michelle Dawson @autismcrisis: Some informal incomplete thoughts about the political ruckus over autism and “wandering”

Michelle Dawson retweeted by Jon Brock: Review of autism & “autistic traits” twin studies Useful lists of studies. Exceptional skills not on “comorbid” list-yet

From the abstract of the linked study: These studies also reveal that the etiology of autism and autistic traits assessed in the general population is more similar than different, which contributes to the question of where the boundary lies between autism and typical development.

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