How To Have A Successful Relationship When One Or Both Partners Has Aspergers

Of course it is possible to be on the autism spectrum, or to be in love with someone on the spectrum and have a happy, successful love life. However, while all relationships are complex, there are unique challenges when one or both partners has Aspergers:

First of all, people on the spectrum have a fight-or-flight reaction to others. Unfortunately, this can even apply to significant others.

Sharing space and time with another person also means relinquishing control, never easy for us spectrumites.

Environmental sensitivity, or sensory processing issues, means that little everyday noises or conditions take on a whole new, larger significance.

Emotional demands of a relationship can be exhausting for a person who finds emotions confusing and unquantifiable.

Cognitive demands of running a household, paying bills, helping out with the kids, etc., may be difficult at times.

Depression and other co-morbids can make life difficult for us, and for those around us.

So how to juggle this plethora of tricky attributes and make something resembling domestic bliss?

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Rudy Simone is the author of 22 Things a Woman Must Know: If She Loves a Man With Asperger’s Syndrome, and several other books on autism and related issues.  Her Aspergirls blog is hosted at Psychology Today.

How To Have A Successful Relationship When One Or Both Partners Has Aspergers appears here by permission.

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