If the very existence of one’s proclivities and personality is deemed an illness, a blight, simply the wrong answer to what society desires:

it is in a word to be Incorrect.

To not commit a crime but to be a crime.

To form into a new society that selects for the traits that the original society selected against:

This would be Absolution from being a sin.

Zygmunt blogs — among other places — at Kingdom of Introversion.

Absolution appears here by permission.

[image via Flickr/Creative Commons]

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  1. Rose says:

    It doesn’t take much, to be incorrect, that is.

    Left handed children could possiblly have destroyed civilization if left to their sinister devices. And we all know epilepsy is actually demon possession. Poor autism, the soul has been stolen…

  2. Mark Stairwalt says:

    (smiles at Rose)

    Me, I’d maybe only quibble with the term “original” society. If one goes back far enough, it may be that cohort members are First Peoples on several if not every one of the populated continents.

  3. clahsrealmer says:

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