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Back in April while recommending a somewhat different exercise than the one undertaken here, I suggested “Try it in the spirit of the pranksters behind the early Whole Earth Catalog, who in one issue advocated writing letters to corporate leaders informing them that hippie revolutionaries were henceforth taking possession of these leaders’ every third walking or running step – but not to worry, that no further action or reaction would be required of them.  Try it, in other words, in a spirit of zaniness.”

The Prince seems exemplary of this spirit, and inscrutable as he may be, his out-of-left-fieldness is a reminder that as tools of social change, satire and ridicule — pointed merriment — remain underused by the neurodiversity movement.

— editor

This is Faerie Prince Omega with transmission to our brother-from-another-mother Mark Stairwalt. After the release of our communiqué, law enforcement flooded the streets of Olympia Washington. Whereas our people have been chased into different corners and cut off from ordinary means of communication. Moving in anonymity from location to location, we are sad to say that we are out of communication with each other and are prepared to take risks to reestablish contact. In reaction to the presence of federal agents in our community, the barely anonymous leadership of the PNW Functionaries of the Cortical Executive declares pandemonium open season 2.0.

Though our activities are legally blonde, we have been driven upside ubberground. Instead of being upset at the presence of federal agents for our activities, which are uncompromisingly nonviolent, technologically sophisticated and blatantly sassy […] we merely ask for the arrest of the Corporate Executive Officer of the Western Institutional Review Board for the chemical molestation of thousands of children without informed consent. Simply put, “get your dirty hands off of all children and adults in confinement you old sleeze”. We will declare forgiveness and inner buddha nature upon a fair trial unimpeded by the invincibility of drug cartel money; that is, as defined by soul representation by a public defender attorney […] under the watchful eyes of a citizen jury with full access to all databases pertaining to illegal experimentation.

We are not simply revolutionaries, but police collaborators. We will synchronize ALL ACTIVITIES with law enforcement. We thank the Olympia Police Department for their ideal of service in protecting all citizens with equal rights as accorded by the constitution of the United States and by the radical and inspired dudes who penned it. Today we ask that they enforce the law against one of America’s Truly Most Wanted. At Thomas Jefferson’s suggestion - we aim to make a revolution every five minutes. We would like to thank Mark Stairwalt for being the first and so far I think only publisher of our incitation to justice and renegotiation. Mark, good sir, looking at your website I am brought to tears. The functionaries declare friendship and undying support to the last breath, to the last burnt beach towel because of the power of electric neurocardial convulsions. I believe I speak for all of us in reporting exhaustion in this cat-and-mouse hunt, but never depletion! We emotively ask all Neo-Typical sistren and brethren to forward our communique and tune in to future updates @ our temporary online clearinghouse @ We now have about ten days to take an IAC panhandling event by Electric Flash Mob, furthermore bringing the empathy viral to a generation of children otherwise destined for forced confinement and chemical molestation activities on the part of people that bear awkward resemblance to Martha Stewart. Please help us shoot the following as an internet viral linked to our website …

Within the following two weeks a disappearing taskforce of neo-typicals and allies will throw a surprise party and electrical noisemaking parade at an Industrial Autism fundraiser. A disappearing taskforce has formed to expose the sobering reality of the Industrial Autism Corporations (IACs) by the light of truth and by any means necessary. This is not a protest, but a blatant renegotiation of the terms of our relationship. Prepare your lawyers, your paper shredders. The functionaries of the cortical executive have decreed “nothing transpires about us without us”. Neo-Typicals are invited to become leaders on the authority of the anonymous leadership. By decree, all Neo-Typicals are invited to become leaders in an autism industrial organization. Neo-Typicals ordain Neo-Typicals. More information @ our temporary autonomous clearinghouse @ We are barely even anonymous, we are aspies. We are the internet. We declare shenanagans.

Faerie Prince Omega launches occasional communiqués from a renovated missile silo hidden deep in the crater of Washington State’s Mount Ranier.

[image via Flickr/Creative Commons

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