Invitation to a Flash Mob - August 6th

When : Saturday August 6th at 11am.
Where – Downtown Olympia on the East side of Heritage Park at Capitol Lake
Parking : Free Parking is available around the lake.

WTHECK? -  Try to find us for our face to face meeting in OlyWA, friday August 5th. If you can’t: show up at just before 11:00 at Autism Awareness Washington. Benevolent, non-violent conduct only. Dress colorful, we will be passing out literature offering  gourmet coffee for Pharmaceutical & Industrial Autism Whistleblowers/  promoting and our friendship site We will blend in with the crowd/B/the crowd, but more colorful and more hysterical: identify us quickly: if we don’t have enough people, we may choose to fall back and use time for face-to-face evolution coordination.

You Bring - Your HomeLings: We get twenty people: We steal the show: I repeat: if we get twenty people we steal the show. Noisemakers (for yourself and others), instruments, colorful superhero clothes/ extra cool fabrics, capes, hysterical electrical devices, healthy treats for kids, simple/positive signs and messages. Water balloons… for the autistc children, of course, some may want to cool down on a hot summer day. Most of all - you bring your love!

Deep in the Pacific Northwest - the dubious crime epicenter of the world - the public as represented by the Pleasantville Citizens Leage (PCL) issues the following announcement. We are facing a dangerous epidemic of unprecidented scale. Though super/heroes/villains have always lived amongst us, their rate of occurance has reportedly shot through the roof… their birthrate has risen more than six thousand percent in just two decades!

Thankfully a citizen commission of Incredibly Average Americans (IAA) is rallying to manage the mutant situation before it gets too out of control. Because of the percieved danger to white collar noncriminals of the International Pharmacy Cartels (IPCs) and the Inexplicable Public Interest (IPI) by extension. Autism Awareness Washington (AAW) - in conjunction with the PCL, is pleased to announce a major financial event August 6th in the Washington State Capitol (WSC). All IAAs are invited to attend this unique and creative IPC fundraiser.

Here’s why you should support us: we will restore peace into the home of the IAAs: we will heal the world, like Michael Jackson, but with chemicals. The AAW with relationship to the PCL reassures all IAAs - we have the problem to cure your little disease! We are proud to announce a cure for Neurodiversity! For all IAAS and IPCs concerned about potential super-high-functioning solutions to environmental problems, this will come as a relief.

At this IAA/PCL/AAW financial rally, we will demonstrate the first fully-functioning model of the Superhero Prenatal Testing Clock. But we need you the IAAs - we need your complicity today. Though current superhero therapies ensure a life of sugar coated dependency, probable drug abuse/addiction. We have got to make sure that these people end up in an institution before the age of twenty. So far we have succesfully averted all benevolent attempts at direct contact by the self-aware mutant population. We need your money today.

Otherwise, the secret might get out that the most “retarded” elements of our society are literally a hair-trigger’s deviation from the most ingenious. We are recommending indefinite institutionalization for mutants combined with, lets say, “trans-legal” drugging without informed consent. Sterilization and pre-natal testing must be introduced today or the superheroes will be coming out with non-ideological solutions to the ecological and social problems in our complexifying society. The IAA minority and the IPI is in danger: give us your money now: we are ready to cure all live wires - how about you?

Addendum as follows -

Flash Gordon - savior of the universe!

Flash Gordon in Hawkmen vs Ajax!

Faerie Prince Omega is spokeperson for the Pleasantville Citizens League.  His communiqués appear here by collusion.

[image via Flickr/Creative Commons]

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  1. usethebrainsgodgiveyou says:

    They are moving that way,to the hair-trigger’s awareness. The bright and shiny autistics of DSM 5 will have no ID (intellectual disability).

    This is interesting. In third grade in the 60’s, I wondered if I would be institutionalized as a madman the way the political dissidents of Russia were. If you think it through, maybe it wasn’t paranoia. I have thought of how convincingly convenient it would be to silence those who were not sheeple. Maybe it is true that the pen is mightier than the sword.

    Aw, what teh hell, give me some soma.

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