No Rest for the Obsessive

I’ve done some more work on my old list of autistic fictional characters, giving it a spruce-up and adding stuff.  I hope it now looks a little bit less ancient and neglected.  This list of mine features many Australian fictional characters.  It also boasts a varied range of characters of both genders from a broad range of media and genres, including but not limited to stand-up comedy, a vulgar Aussie TV comedy show, literary novels and short stories, detective fiction, hard science fiction, not-so-hard sci fi TV and film, foreign cinema, a chick lit novel, horror movies, kids’ movies, children’s literature, a 1970s rock musical, an animated comedy TV series for teens, British TV comedy, a violent action movie, a Jane Campion movie, a Mel Brooks movie, and more.  This list is not complete, my lists are never complete and I always have a back-log of more material to add, but it ain’t bad, and there’s nothing else like it on the internet.

Memorable fictional characters portraying autistic traits or themes

Lili Marlene’s No Rest for the Obsessive first appeared at Incorrect Pleasures, and is reproduced here with her permission.  See also Lili Marlene’s referenced list of 174 famous people diagnosed with an autism spectrum condition or subject of published speculation about autism/Asperger syndrome.

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