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In the previous post ‘Rulers of Celephais,’ a Ms. Hanna J. has asked me some questions about this blog which I will address in post length for the benefit of all readers.  Here is her original post:

“While I agree that introverts may often pursue what you refer to as ‘the domain of knowledge and serious hobbies’, I disagree that they necessarily find them more stimulating than ‘the mundane every day life that surrounds them.’ On the contrary, I would say that introverts may be better suited to appreciate the seemingly mundane details that surround them. Then again, I can’t really speak for all the introverts. I’m curious (please don’t take it as a criticism) as to how you arrive at your conclusions regarding introverts as a whole. Is it through observation? Or discussion with other introverts? In any case, thanks for writing. The blog is interesting.”

By mundane daily life, I mean the daily routine of work/school/socialization that tends to absorb most of most people’s time and energy.

I think I know what you mean here:  Introverts are indeed deeply inspired by ‘mundane’ details all around us, especially in the natural world.   For a true introvert nothing is so captivating as condensed fog dripping from the tips of bare branches.

I write of introversion at an extreme of the spectrum:
I do so because:

Extreme introverts are highly likely to end up isolated and often think of themselves as ‘the only one.’  The internet is a way to reach out to those who need to be told they are not alone and that there is nothing wrong with them; that they should be filled with pride in what they are.

There are few opposing voices to the overwhelmingly extrovert views of our civilization.
Most of the articles out there about introversion are written from an extrovert point of view.  They are mainly about how to cure introversion and how it’s ‘not all bad.’  On the occasion that a writer praises introversion, a host of disclaimers and apologies immediately follow.

My intention is to offer a starkly different world view without the disclaimers:
I expect that aspects of it will seem jarring or strange to readers.  Even ‘Caring for Your Introvert’(an excellent article) does its best to keep a light bantering tone.  Otherwise, it would of course not be published in a magazine.
It is my objective to acknowledge that this is a serious matter.   There is nothing funny or warm and fuzzy about living within a hostile society.

So that extroverts might understand there are others out there with vastly different views.   To give them some understanding of how much harm they can do without even knowing it.

To draw those with the right sort of tendencies downwards, away from the sparkling Surface.

As for questions of ‘sources’ and ‘conclusions.’  I am not operating from statistical surveys or other formal data.

I am very much an introvert, my friends are introverts.  Much of what I write comes from personal observations, but also from many written accounts.  Speaking of writing, authors tend to be introverts:
Thus I can look to hobbies, organizations, professions that attract Subtle folk and figure out patterns that they have in common.
Each individual introvert has been misunderstood in the same ways thousands of times by seemingly countless people.  Thus, there are unmistakable trends in even one introverted life.
Because this is not a matter of statistics, I go for the root of the matter.  I am addressing principles rather than percentages.

The first post I made on this blog is an introductory/mission statement.
One of my very first points is that I am limited by the very language of an extroverted society.  I use ‘introvert’ for lack of any better commonly understood descriptor.  Indeed I have made up some of my own terms for concepts that simply do not exist in the Surface language.

Zygmunt blogs on matters of introversion at Kingdom of IntroversionSeldom Asked Questions appeared there under a slightly different title, and is republished here by permission.

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