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via Steve Silberman on Twitter:

•  Loving Lampposts

•  Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic | Facebook

•  Wretches & Jabberers Tour 2011

Left-Handedness Loses Its Stigma but Retains Its Mystery

Shift Journal a Year Ago:

•  Theory of Mind and Self

•  Performance

•  When You’re Up to Your A** in Alligators …

•  … It’s Hard to Remember Your Original Objective Was to Drain the Swamp

Elsewhere on the Internet:

•  The Social Network, the End of Intimacy, and the Birth of Hacker Sensibility

•  Autism, Vaccines, and Community: Straight Talk with Seth Mnookin

•  Adolescent Brains: Cause or Consequence?

•  The Internet Managed to Stay Up During the Japan Quake

•  “I’m sorry that I could not be a friend to Manning”: Adrian Lamo

Lamo says he has Asperger, a mental condition known as the “geek syndrome.” Every time he is asked a question, he has to think about the answer first and then he responds in a monotone voice, always politely, with a slightly superior tone (he asked me why and how I had been assigned to interview him).

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