Soon: An Urgent Communiqué of Vital Import …

A Wild Communiqué Appears!

Floating in over the transom this morning came an inspired, rambling, two-part missive, part neurodiversity manifesto, part invitation to a flash mob, part lulzsensical call-to-arms — and part heartfelt plea for integrity and respect on the part of Autism Awareness Washington.  Apparently situated in the American Northwest, the author is identified variously and whimsically, and writes from behind whatever anonymity the secure email service Hushmail is able to offer these days.  While sent not to Shift Journal but to a friend of the site, it seemed appropriate to dispense with the usual permission-seeking and share simply on the authority of editorial fiat.  Followers of Lulzsec and Anonymous will notice some similarities in tone and style; followers of pop singer Ke$ha may be reminded of the droll mock-seriousness (or is it?) with which she declares, “We are taking over.  Better get used to it.”

The long and the short of it is that this anonymous communiqué is a romp, though one with a message, and put together by an individual who has more than passing familiarity with the issues and personalities of the neurodiversity movement.  More power to Faerie Prince Omega, the anonymous leadership of the Cortical Executive Functionaries, and the Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum.  The sooner they – the sooner we – take over, the better.

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