Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum: A Communiqué (part one: the short)

Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum: A Communiqué by Anonymous Leadership Functionaries of the Cortical Executive

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The Short —

So let it be: a shot heard in the dark. Within the following two weeks a disappearing taskforce of neo-typicals and allies will throw a surprise party and noisemaking parade at an Industrial Autism fundraiser.  Whereas, our attempts to collaborate with the Industrial Autism Corporations (IACs) are met with verbal abuse, misunderstanding, marginalization and arbitrary detentions by aggressive mutually declared experts and special needs classrooms across the Pacific Northwest – today we call into question the speeches, activities and panhandling techniques of these IACs.

A disappearing taskforce has formed whose purpose is to expose the sober reality of the IAC by any real-ness necessary.  Our methods are nonviolent and our way is of the open heart.  We come with an olive branch in one hand and a doctor’s surgical utensil in the other.  We come out of the streets, out of the closets, out of the bushes as we are often denied even a decent place to take a leak.  Within the past week, a barely anonymous cortical executive functionary, appeared barefoot and bearing many gifts, to an IAC event in Seattle.  She found herself listening in on a couple referring to an “aspie” as a “dog”… in no uncertain terms.

Now we are offering uncompromising forgiveness.  We are everywhere.  We are Anonymous:  we are an emergent generation: we are not isolated:  we are Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum.  We understand the word ‘autism’ having always been something of a misnomer.  Excuse us, there is no phenomenon such as “of the self” spreading - as is suggested - without cause nor cure throughout the world.  There are only those for whom quickly changing circumstances have produced significant leaps.  We are highly absorbent persons who mirror back the savant aspirations, neurological changes and even toxicity of our complexifying society.

There are only those who carry the seed of the needs of the group, the transpersonal – the seed of the basic dignity of empathy, which is beyond the self.  As of July 20th, the anonymous leadership of the Cortical Executive Functionaries hereby declares a renegotiation of the unspoken fear pact with the IACs.  This is not unlike the renegotiation by Egyptian youth society with its government.  As a matter of fact, a barely anonymous author of this communiqué was present in two thousand eight in Cairo during the world’s first urban general strike called on Facebook.  Associated with hunger riots in the working class suburb of Mahalla, Neo-Typicals effectively planted the seeds of the world’s first super-transpersonalized revolution.  Today this renegotiation arrives at the IACs in the Pacific Northwest and the United States by extension.

But we will not stop there.  We have no choice but to renegotiate the relationship between the consumer society towards a healing, social ecology.  This is a calling to all “Inspire the Empathic” Gabba Gammas of the Divergent Spectrum.  Go to the bathroom and drop the crap now; what are you waiting for?  Do you read me?  Electric faerie alpha stankonia?  You know who you are.  You belong with us and we invite you to drop all the funny business and come be a leader now.

For introduction and explanation, see here.

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