Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum: A Communiqué (part two: the long)

Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum: A Communiqué by Anonymous Leadership Functionaries of the Cortical Executive

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The Long —

Hey You. Drop everything, your shitty job, your major bank account and be a leader amongst neo-typicals today. We need your leadership on a soon-to-dissolve committee. We will have only one face-to-face meeting. This is to take place in the Washington State Capitol right under the noses of the governor’s mansion, the panhandling IACs, and some of the most offensive pharmaceutical industrialists in the country, by name, the Washington Institutional Review Board. Cortical Executive Functionaries operating Anonymous will want to research It.

The functionaries of the cortical executive have decreed “nothing transpires about us without us”. Neo-Typicals are invited to become leaders on the barely anonymous authorities of the h’art. Neo-Typicals will be leaders and leaders will be ordained by Neo-Typicals. As for the abstract self-hypnotized apparent neurotypicality of the IACs… I’m sorry, there are a lot of courageous things that you do and say but only few of you have barely harkened to understand the scientific reality. At this point, I doubt that more money is going to do anything that positive to your research. As I’m sure you’d agree… science has not historically been the strength of neurotypical communitas. I fished this bit of inspiration out for you — William Stillman, who has taken courageous initiative in the neurodiversity community, writes it.

Considering that males are four to five times more likely to be autistic, the implication suggests a softening of aggression in this gender, inaugurating a world at peace. Toni’s foresight also evokes the Biblical Beatitude, “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth,” further implying not evolution but revolution. And if studies conducted during a 20-year period by the German Psychological Association, that reflect an increasingly less-sensitive, more-dangerous culture with each succeeding generation, are valid, the autism revolution is transpiring not a moment too soon. […]”
- (William Stillman, The Soul of Autism, pg 53)

We are coming out of the closet with freq flags. We will be funky, we will be loud. Be beautiful, be colorful, be yourself. Most of all we will be uncompromisingly empathic – the one hundred and eighty degree inversion of the IAC’s little apparently-neurotypical check box and the mountain of prejudice that their tardsploitocracy is now leveling against us. Often times the people who live in involuntary confinement or are subject to pharmaceutical experimentation without informed consent are considered severe or retarded but are a hair trigger away from what is considered genius. Often times the differences between super-high-functioning and no-functioning lay in the gut-brain relationship. There are myriad involuntary confinement facilities in the state of Washington servicing people that are a hair’s deviation from yourselves.

Our intention is to participate in this IAC event as a work of unconditional revolutionary lovingkindness. All signs will be positive and approved beforehand at a meeting, again, with a password to be given by an anonymously evolved functionary of the cortical executive. There will be an expectation of participation in guided meditation breathing exercise and nonviolent communication training. Then we break open the champaign, celebrate. On the day of the evolution, respect our sober minded / peaceful guidelines or you will be dissassociated. We are also called team emergency give a faak– at the root of which, this word, emergence.

All neo-typicals are now invited to become leaders in the very event that seems bent on our marginalization. The password, which will exist in the short days leading up to the event will be passed on through word of mouth. Aristocrats of the IAC are asked stay away from the meeting. Unarmed, uniformed Law Enforcement Officers are invited to attend the meeting if they attain the password with a character reference. This is not a protest but its inversion; it is a blatant negotiation by the ones who care the most. This is a hundred and eighty degree turn.

Those of us who have rediscovered the miracle of speech have decreed that we only relate to the empathic. Beyond friendship we now refuse to put motivation into words. You cannot scare or disturb us. A hardly even anonymous functionary have been hooded and shackled for hours by a foreign military organization - as an American citizen without breaking any laws, theirs or ours. We can choose to make decisions beyond fear – countless amongst us have walked for miles without a penny in our pocket or a fancy ride willing to pick us up - simply to help another one of our kin survive the night. We are the homeless. We are the unemployable. We are some of the same children who the IAC has exposed to animal training therapies, entraining our behaviors as persons with extraordinary biological sensitivities to candy addictions.

Animal training therapy through sugar addiction leads to drug and alcohol abuse later in life and is being renegotiated. The “severe” cases need whole foods from a garden, not waterboarding and candy. The most challenged amongst us are a hair’s thread away from the savant geniuses amongst us. We are the childhood victims of the Standard American Diet, of endocrine disrupter chemicals, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Today, as of Wednesday the 20th, we declare unconditional forgiveness towards the IAC for its participation in spreading the epigenetic epidemic by keeping all that is hidden in the dark. Merely we ask for a trick of language, a nod of the head at your IAC event. We are Temple Grandins, we are post-ideological and practical. We design cool things that inspire the empathic and remediate the ecological circumstances.

Here’s the nod that we want: Autism is curable. But you can’t hold back the Neo-Typicals. We ask your acknowledgement of the new language - Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum. You get up there on August sixth and say the word Neo-Typical and you mean it and you say it with freq love. Let there be no more diversion of division of ‘autistics’ and ‘neurotypicals’. We have been waiting patiently for years for you “neurotypicals” to understand the neuroscience, and as long as you decide to remain in the arrogance of your supposed typicality as so being this superior experience. Oh I’m so sorry that you have to have emergent children, oh boo-hoo: get over yourselves, you will be amazed at what happens, you just shut your obnoxious trap up and listen up already. Today we declare that we are fed up with this kind of delusion of separation. Cure autism: you already know what to do: take heart: bring in the Neo-Typical. The war waged against mothers and children by this industry represents the failure to listen to the obvious because of these mundane prejudices.. So what about the two and a half million dollars worth of ineffective and unnatural treatments that you demand of each autism child? Where did all the money go? Why are we constantly on the street?

As for the fearful leadership of the Industrials, an anonymous cortical executive functionary has decreed: “raqam talaat Magnoon wa Leila al whirling dervish the super high functioning decree number three: so we see the ones with clipboards selling us out on the streets of Olympia, they prey on compassion for the suffering of others in raising funds for waterboard certified animal training, pharmaceutical experiments and forced confinement while countless neo-typicals eat trash on the streets. We want lovingkindness, not more talk”.

There are those that may be interested to release information to the press about IAC paychecks, institutional structures, names and dates and direct quotations from meeting notes. Prepare paper shredders immediately. Our methods will be two hundred percent legal and we promise full cooperation with all unarmed law enforcement officers - if they can find us and listen patiently to our story before our organization dissolves. Regardless, we pledge to hurt no one and break no laws. There exists neo-typical networks that expose truth at a moments notice and only on the basis of a simple suggestion. From this point forward, the Anonymous leadership of the executive function declares that the neotypical society has risen and we are not isolated from each other from some awful tick of language.

Whereas we say no to the forced confinement and pharmaceutical experimentation on children and adults of the Divergent Spectrum… Whereas we say no to the neuro-eugenic concept that society believes it can confuse curing illnesses with curing diversity. Whereas we declare ourselves in harmonious resonance with the following celebrity individuals for their symbolic leadership in our emergent empathy society whether or not they know it, we humbly and with great emotion petition now for their unconditional love and support in getting the word out: Lorin Ashton (“Bassnectar”), Daniel Pinchbeck (Evolver Movement), Jenny McCarthy (half way there), Temple Grandin (Our Hero), Larry Harvey (Burning Man), Charles Eisenstein (Evolver), Charles Adkins (Evolver), Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, “Photosynthesis” WA, Autistic Self Advocacy Society, Autonomous Mutant Festival WA, all acupuncturists, all ecological restorers, all Rainbows, all Burners, all Jews, all Christians, every faith. Our necks on the line, we can help you, please help us now. Thus I have heard.

I walked in to the location of a major autism meeting in Seattle, which was a infant and birth product store amongst the riches of east Madison. The poor clerk in there had been barraged with questions about sensitivity-appropriate products from autism parents. The woman took a look at my simple and inexpensive appearance, well kempt in polite form with versatile army pants that I might wear when traveling. I raised a question of whether the store carried any infant products that I might use for kids with arrested development – ones without any endocrine disrupter chemicals. Like the last straw, the stressed out woman screamed in poor form, “we don’t carry anything like that”. I felt bad for her, and, walking out of the store muttered to myself, “well God help us all”.

This is Faerie Prince Omega calling all Neo-Typicals of the Divergent Spectrum – do you Roger?

The Functionaries of the Cortical Executive will informally dissolve on the date of August the Sixth, at midnight. If you are a member of Autism Awareness Washington and have managed to take the time to read this, congratulations. We have decided to make a public test to see if we are correct that you are uninterested in reading information on websites and vortices run by Neo-Typicals, let alone make it to page five. Otherwise – this will truly be a surprise party for you. You are the ones who should let us know – do we truly live in two separate worlds? We have spent our lives building the one most likely to be inhabited by your children outside of some dark closet reality. Bring in the light. You don’t have to agree with what we say, we simply want to hear you give the nod, with the fullness of your integrity. Either way - we are turning your fundraising event inside out. If we work together – there is a way.

For introduction and explanation, see here.

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