Introducing The Loud Hands Project

Julia Bascom, author of “Quiet Hands” and “The Obsessive Joy Of Autism,” is launching a new project, pursuing ends that parallel and surpass some of the goals pursued at Shift Journal over the past twenty or so months. From the website (edited somewhat for context and clarity):

Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking is to be the project’s foundational anthology, featuring submissions by Autistic authors speaking about neurodiversity, Autistic pride and culture, disability rights and resistance, and resilience (known collectively by the community as having loud hands). The anthology is the first of a projected series featuring contributions from Autistic writers stressing the preservation and celebration of Autistic culture and resilience. The Loud hands website will host shorter and multi-media submissions along the same lines, along with additional materials and videos, and serve as a focal point for the project and community.”

“With an overarching commitment to undoing the cultural processes and ghettoization that make autistic people strangers to ourselves and spectators in our own stories, The Loud Hands Project consists of multiple prongs organized around the theme of what the Autistic community refers to as ‘having loud hands’ — autism acceptance, neurodiversity, Autistic pride, community, and culture, disability rights and resistance, and resilience.  The focus is on cultivating resilience among autistic young people and empowering the Autistic community writ large in building communities and cultures of ability, resistance, and worth. To quote Laura Hershey: ‘you weren’t the one who made you ashamed, but you are the one who can make you proud.'”

For further details including a roadmap for the ambitious future of The Loud Hands Project as well as an opportunity to contribute see the project’s IndieGoGo site here.

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