A Glimpse of Success

… And, for me, that’s success. Explanation. Acceptance. Move on. Maybe it’s lack of imagination, but I really don’t envision a time where everyone just understands. I communicate with ... [Read More]

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The Irony of Modern Individualism

Members of the modern industrialized world are typically individualists in the sense of each individual competing for maximum gain with every other and thereby raising overall standards for all. This ... [Read More]

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An Open Letter to Robert MacNeil Regarding PBS’ Autism Now Series

Dear Mr. MacNeil, It has come to my attention that you are spreading dehumanizing stereotypes about us. In an interview to promote your upcoming series, Autism Now (formerly Autism Today), you said t... [Read More]

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The Myth of Introvert Sociopathy

The stereotype in real life and in Hollywood is that serial killers or those who go on shooting rampages are nearly always described as being “really quiet.” I have repeatedly had people jokingly... [Read More]

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Because Screaming Gets Boring After a While

I’d been on something of a hiatus from online autism advocacy, because I’ve had a real life, and because even my perseverant spirit can occasionally be worn down by circular arguments upon circula... [Read More]

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Dispelling Ten Myths About Introverts

As most SVP readers know far too well from first hand experience, the myths about introverts abound. If you get tired of being misunderstood by friends, family, and coworkers, consider printing this ... [Read More]

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To Old Friends and Family

When I speak of Autism, please know I love your support and understanding. When I speak of my Autistic children, please know I understand them very well because I’ve been diagnosed myself. When I sp... [Read More]

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Aspergers and Employment

All of a sudden everyone’s talking about the issue of employment and Asperger Syndrome, a subject which I wrote about last year in my book, Asperger’s on the Job. People on the spectrum make great... [Read More]

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Empathy Awareness

Popular actress Kate Winslet has announced that she is writing a book to promote autism awareness and to raise money for an autism charity she founded, the Golden Hat Foundation. The book will feature... [Read More]

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The Introvert as an Observer

While introverts do not like to constantly interact with people they strongly gravitate towards observing others. Watching intently what people do in crowds or social situations demands no input from ... [Read More]

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The Grading Card

One might recall how multiple choice tests were graded back in school. The teacher would take a card with holes punched in the appropriate places and lay it over each test sheet. Then each test would ... [Read More]

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My daughter went back to college on Sunday at the end of her spring break, after complaining at great length—both on her Facebook page and to anyone who would listen in real life—that it had been ... [Read More]

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Sound Familiar?

“I hate to say it but my 11 year old nephew is a real nerd. He had NO Friends at all and really does not talk to anyone other than his teachers. He used to be a friendly little boy but liked to ta... [Read More]

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Thoreau the Introvert

One cannot read Walden and be in doubt that its author is a true introvert. Alone much of the time in his small, secluded cottage, Henry David Thoreau used his distance from society to engage in conte... [Read More]

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The Misleading Nature of the Deficit Model

Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music. —Angela Monet I’ve never been shy about my feelings concerning the deficit model of autism. I object to its ... [Read More]

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Seldom Asked Questions

In the previous post ‘Rulers of Celephais,’ a Ms. Hanna J. has asked me some questions about this blog which I will address in post length for the benefit of all readers. Here is her original pos... [Read More]

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If Not Us, Then Who?

Lots of nutritious back and forth in comments this week, with Rachel and Stephanie both taking exception to my post last Friday. Before diving back in to the fray, I’d like to lay out one context i... [Read More]

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On My Solitary Way

One of the enduring patterns of my life is my on-again, off-again relationship with large, conventionally structured organizations of all kinds: corporate, political, and religious. In the on-again ph... [Read More]

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Introverts, Extroverts, and Exercise

As one who habitually works out, I am constantly asked. “Isn’t it boring?” “Where do you get the willpower from?” I try to explain that I enjoy it for its own sake. But the response is usua... [Read More]

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Collective Checkmate

There is no formal police force of social norms because no such organization is necessary. From mass society arises a self-enforcing slavery. One might picture a chessboard that sprawls as far as the... [Read More]

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Social Tips for People with Aspergers

There comes a time in every Aspie’s life, that having a life means facing our fears and going out into the world. I love to sing, do stand up comedy, go to restaurants and sometimes (although v... [Read More]

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The Neurodiverse Workforce

The first proposed chapter for my book, tentatively entitled “Neurodiversity at Work: A Manager’s Guide,” is designed to introduce the concept of neurodiversity in a business-friendly context. M... [Read More]

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Force of Habit

In response to my post last week about setting the stage for positive changes to happen, Stephanie accurately pointed out that it’s not just a matter of rearranging the environment and waiting to fe... [Read More]

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Introverts and Travel

Since introverts carry the most important things within, they can thrive almost anywhere under any circumstances. They are consumate wanderers. Only one who is self-defined can move unscathed from la... [Read More]

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Reclaiming Memory: Searching for Great-Aunt Sarah

In 2009, while searching for new information to add to my family genealogy, I discovered the existence of a relative about whom no one in the family had ever spoken. She was my paternal g... [Read More]

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The Purpose of An Introvert Civilization

One who is perpetually immersed in society takes all of its features for granted and tends not to perceive the forest for all the trees. It takes one who is introverted to remove from the tumult and t... [Read More]

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Our Christmas - Some Things Never Change

Hubby and I have had some all-autistic Christmas Days, and also some Christmases in the company of non-autistic people (or to be completely correct, non-autists and an autist who has unsuccessfully de... [Read More]

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Does Christmas Miss the Mark?

I am going to try not to stress too much in this article how silly I think Christmas is, holidays in general, and New Years eve most of all. The fact of the matter is, here in the western hemisphere, ... [Read More]

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The Anthropology of Nerd Societies (IV)

An examination of nerds and their surrounding environment is by necessity a study in anthropology. In this situation an entirely new society with different if not directly conflicting values forms wit... [Read More]

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The Anthropology of Nerd Societies (III)

Nerds possess a great deal of knowledge, some of which makes them highly competitive in the workplace. However, they tend to lack people skills and have more trouble than average doing well at intervi... [Read More]

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